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  • This blog is a test-bed for ideas from my academic research project "Living with Uncertainty: Metaphor and the Dynamics of Empathy"

it’s arrived!

I have just taken delivery of our empathy manual! Full title: Empathy dynamics in conflict transformation: A manual. The outcome of much hard work and co-operation with Responding to Conflict, CWIN Nepal and the peace-building team of the Catholic Diocese of Maralal, Kenya. The plan is to make the Manual available as a free e-book … Continue reading

path at Wentworth Castle

Entry points for empathy

Empathy is an ‘entering into’ the life world of another person, said the Russian scholar Mikhail Bakhtin. Sometimes that entering into is easy. If the other person is someone we know well or someone we love, we have many entry points into their world and multiple experiences that help us understand their feelings and emotions. … Continue reading


Empathy and creative writing workshop announced

During the June exhibition there will be several empathy-related events. Today I can announce the first of these – a creative writing workshop led by the brilliant Melissa Fu: Empathy and creativity: A multi-faceted relationship. During this workshop, we will explore facets of empathy by engaging with the exhibition, The Living Impulse.  Connections between creativity … Continue reading


Finding an exhibition title

From 5 -11 June I will be exhibiting paintings at 5th Base Gallery in London. The first announcement is here. There’s a lot of planning involved and one of the first things I had to do was find an image and a title. The image is a detail from a painting that shows the layering … Continue reading

There’s more than one way to see this!

A BBC News item yesterday really disturbed me, not so much by its content, worrying as that is, but by its labelling of the people involved and its restricted framing of the issue. In short, the item told listeners that people who travel to Syria become suspect and when they come back are “a risk”, … Continue reading

Nelson Mandela

A light in the world gone out.

A morning conversation

I was taking photos of leaves on paving slabs when the man spoke to me. I explained that I use these random fallings in the composition of my paintings. This opened up a brief conversation in which I learnt: He lays paving slabs for his living. He likes the natural ones like the ones we … Continue reading

Image: 'The Heat of the Day', original painting by Lynne Cameron

Sneak preview of what’s coming…

Busy today with my project advisory group, working through the draft of our EDiCT Manual. Here’s a sneak preview of the cover… When completed, the manual will introduce ideas about empathy dynamics and show how they can be applied in conflict transformation. Publication early in 2014!

Berlin wall

Walls that separate

My research found three key ways in which we stop empathy with others: lumping – “They’re all the same.”  Seeing people only as a group and not as complex individuals. distancing – “They are too far away to bother with.” Positioning people as ‘far away’, metaphorically, from ourselves. blocking – “It’s just not possible to … Continue reading


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