New place, new issues

Now the big research project has finished, we have moved on to what funders call “knowledge exchange” – sharing findings with people in the ‘real world’ and working out how it interacts with their issues. I am continuing to work with the NGO Responding to Conflict (brilliant people, superb work).

The KE project has two links, one with the Maralal project in Kenya and the other with CWIN in Nepal. Next week we are off to Kathmandu to begin a new voyage of exploration.

The CWIN project we will visit is for young people who left their communities as children to join the Maoist forces in the 1996-2006 civil war and are now struggling to be re-integrated with those communities. We’ll use the model of empathy and dyspathy to investigate what might support re-integration. We’ll be talking with CWIN staff and visiting people involved to collect their stories.

It’s very exciting and I am expecting a massive learning curve.

(A personal note: many years ago, being interviewed by VSO to work as a volunteer for 2 years, I was asked where I would prefer to go. I answered”Kathmandu”; they sent us to Tanzania, which was a wonderful experience but with not so many mountains.)


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