Finding an exhibition title

From 5 -11 June I will be exhibiting paintings at 5th Base Gallery in London. The first announcement is here.

There’s a lot of planning involved and one of the first things I had to do was find an image and a title. The image is a detail from a painting that shows the layering of grays on intense colour that I am currently developing.

The title comes from the Russian writer and literary theorist Mikhail Bakhtin. His work, especially ‘The Dialogic Imagination’ has long inspired my thinking about language and how we interact with each other. In that work is this:

“Discourse lives…beyond itself, in a living impulse toward the object”

Bakhtin wrote about empathy as ‘creative understanding’ and ‘entering into’ the world of the Other, which I like very much. For me, empathy is a work of memory, language and imagination — it is a ‘living impulse’ toward another person in all their complexity and unknowabilty.

One Response to “Finding an exhibition title”
  1. Ana says:

    Congratulations, Lynne on your beautiful work.

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