London exhibition opens

Below are some photos from my London exhibition “The Living Impulse”. Empathy is the theme behind the exhibition.

The catalogue of the exhibition is here

Here’s a bit of the press release:

The Living Impulse exhibition springs from Lynne Cameron’s particular experiences as an artist who, in her other role as professor at the Open University, researches empathy and metaphor in discourse. Out of this interconnection come paintings that suggest fragmented landscapes of memory, where colour, layering and use of space respond to the places, data and emotions of her research.

This work began with post-conflict Northern Ireland, investigating how empathy became possible between an IRA bomber and the daughter of one of his victims. Over the last five years, her research has taken her to Kenya, Nepal, Brazil and USA, exploring the effect of uncertainties caused by violence and conflict on people’s empathy with each other. Her personal experience of watching her father’s decline through dementia brought a further dimension to understanding how empathy works across the gap of otherness, and produced a series of works on paper that concern how we communicate as life fades away.

A range of events will be held in the gallery space during the exhibition to explore these connections and to celebrate the launch of the e-book Empathy Dynamics in Conflict Transformation: A manual, produced by Lynne Cameron and Simon Weatherbed of the NGO Responding to Conflict.

IMG_1786 IMG_1887 IMG_1883 IMG_1867 IMG_1863IMG_1879IMG_1826IMG_1804IMG_1788


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