Videos available as a resource

The EDiCT project (Empathy Dynamics in Conflict Transformation) has a YouTube channel, that links to the Empathy Manual. There you can find videos relating to conflict transformation in Kenya and Nepal, and a video of the Empathy model. Click here or follow the Link Advertisements

Today at the exhibition

Simon Weatherbed from the NGO Responding to Conflict will join me today at my exhibition. At 1700 we will engage in a public conversation on “Creating empathy and transforming conflict”. We’ll start with remembering our visit to Maralal in northern Kenya to see the peace-building work of Evans Onyiego and his team in March 2012. … Continue reading

Two gifts to share

I am very happy to have received two gifts today. 1. an English translation of a Basque poem (I am visiting San Sebastian to discuss conflict, communication and cognition) Embodied Experiment in the Stairway   2. a short url that links to the website Empathy Dynamics in Conflict Transformation This is (one of the … Continue reading

Criminals do empathy too

Criminal activity needs empathy too. Understanding how other people feel and think doesn’t just help relieve suffering; it may also increase it. Every time someone falls for a confidence trickster and hands over their savings, the processes of empathy have been at work, as the criminal finds the best way to convince the victim. This … Continue reading

work in progress

Here in our London workshop, our video assistant Danny has been busy as we work on empathy dynamics, and has set up a Youtube channel for our project. Rather than waiting until it’s all ‘ready’, we are launching it with the video from Nepal that I mentioned in an earlier post and that had such … Continue reading

The empathy moment

On the first day of our EDiCT (Empathy Dynamics in Conflict Transformation) workshop we watched a video from Nepal. It told the story of a young girl who, against all odds is going to school. She has to walk an hour to get to the school. Her quiet voice told about her home situation – … Continue reading

Starting today

Our ‘learning conference’ starts today in London. We have three peace-builders from Kenya and two child rights advocates from Nepal, with two more arriving on Wednesday. Together we are working on training materials to bring ideas about empathy and dyspathy into conflict transformation. With these creative people engaged, it should be an exciting ride. I’ll … Continue reading

Preparing in uncertainty

Exciting times in the current project as we prepare for a learning conference on Empathy Dynamics in Conflict Transformation here in London. Following the visit to Nepal in March, it seemed like a good idea to bring some of our Nepali collaborators to meet Kenyan colleagues to work together on how to bring ideas about … Continue reading

New place, new issues

Now the big research project has finished, we have moved on to what funders call “knowledge exchange” – sharing findings with people in the ‘real world’ and working out how it interacts with their issues. I am continuing to work with the NGO Responding to Conflict (brilliant people, superb work). The KE project has two … Continue reading