Empathy Dynamics in Conflict Transformation: A Manual

The Empathy Manual is now available! Are you interested in the nature of  empathy? Are you concerned by what happens to empathy in conflict situations? Ready for inspiring stories about how empathy can be rebuilt? You can download Empathy Dynamics in Conflict Transformation: A Manual absolutely free for ipad here There’s a summary and a downloadable … Continue reading

It’s all very confusing – or is it?

I was excited to see that my favourite Saturday columnist, Oliver Burkeman in the Guardian, was this week writing about empathy. Then I was disappointed because he seems to be saying that compassion is more important than empathy. In the Empathy Manual I argue that the most important thing we need is empathic understanding of … Continue reading

Videos available as a resource

The EDiCT project (Empathy Dynamics in Conflict Transformation) has a YouTube channel, that links to the Empathy Manual. There you can find videos relating to conflict transformation in Kenya and Nepal, and a video of the Empathy model. Click here or follow the Link

Entry points for empathy

Empathy is an ‘entering into’ the life world of another person, said the Russian scholar Mikhail Bakhtin. Sometimes that entering into is easy. If the other person is someone we know well or someone we love, we have many entry points into their world and multiple experiences that help us understand their feelings and emotions. … Continue reading

Small film, big message

Criminals do empathy too

Criminal activity needs empathy too. Understanding how other people feel and think doesn’t just help relieve suffering; it may also increase it. Every time someone falls for a confidence trickster and hands over their savings, the processes of empathy have been at work, as the criminal finds the best way to convince the victim. This … Continue reading

The empathy moment

On the first day of our EDiCT (Empathy Dynamics in Conflict Transformation) workshop we watched a video from Nepal. It told the story of a young girl who, against all odds is going to school. She has to walk an hour to get to the school. Her quiet voice told about her home situation – … Continue reading

If you want to know, ask a child…

US children show empathy and strong sense of what matters…    

One to watch

In her recent TEDx talk, Jo Berry speaks about meeting the man who killed her father, and about the critical need for empathy in resolving and avoiding conflict. It was Jo’s inspiring choices that set me off exploring empathy as a research topic and she continues to inspire. Highly recommended!

I have added The Challenge of Empathy as a pdf that can be downloaded, e.g. to spark interest in empathy or as a discussion starter. A summary of project findings and questions raised by them, for each of us to consider.