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Empathy and Compassion in Society Conference 
An international conference for education, health, and social care professionals, as well as policy makers and managers in the public sector.

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The early-bird tickets for the Empathy and Compassion in Society Conference in London on 23-24 November are now available.

Join some of the world's leading experts on empathy and compassion: neuroscientist and empathy specialist Tania Singer, mental health professor Paul Gilbert, emotion and compassion expert Paul Ekman, award-winning empathy educator Mary Gordon, theologian and  initiator of the Charter for Compassion Karen Armstrong, director of the Stanford University Center for Compassion and Altruism Research James Doty, economist and Action for Happiness board member Richard Layard, and more.

Friday 23rd November 1.30 pm to Saturday 24th November 5 pm.
Preceded by a youth conference for secondary schools on 22nd November in the morning.

Why attend?
The conference will:
- present the latest scientific research on empathy and the possibility of cultivating compassion
- discuss practical ways to train in empathy and compassion
- share case studies on the benefits of applying these methods in education, healthcare and social care.

Who is this conference for?
The conference is aimed at the public sector, including education, health and social care professionals. The Friday afternoon is also open to the public.

For teachers who can only attend the Friday evening and Saturday, an Early Bird Teacher Ticket is now awailable.

This non profit event is organised by a partnership of charities.

You can register directly here:

Or visit<>

Please note that while early bird registration closes on 4th September, the number of early bird tickets is limited.

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