Empathy and business – the next challenge

I am working with Jo Berry to plan empathy workshops for the business world and organisations. We are looking for somewhere to try out our ideas in a test run – let me know if you have any suggestions!   Meanwhile, here’s what happening in USA http://www.forbes.com/sites/ashoka/2013/03/22/empathy-in-business-indulgence-or-invaluable/ Advertisements

Today at the exhibition

Simon Weatherbed from the NGO Responding to Conflict will join me today at my exhibition. At 1700 we will engage in a public conversation on “Creating empathy and transforming conflict”. We’ll start with remembering our visit to Maralal in northern Kenya to see the peace-building work of Evans Onyiego and his team in March 2012. … Continue reading

Launching the Empathy Manual

Two events coming up soon in London where we present the new manual “Empathy Dynamics in Conflict Transformation”. Both at 5th Base Gallery, Heneage Street EC1 5LJ. (Off Brick Lane – nearest tube is Aldgate East) Creating empathy and transforming conflict Lynne Cameron in conversation with Simon Weatherbed, Director of NGO Responding to Conflict Tuesday … Continue reading

London exhibition opens

Below are some photos from my London exhibition “The Living Impulse”. Empathy is the theme behind the exhibition. The catalogue of the exhibition is here Here’s a bit of the press release: The Living Impulse exhibition springs from Lynne Cameron’s particular experiences as an artist who, in her other role as professor at the Open … Continue reading

It’s all happening!

Final preparations are underway for launching the manual on Empathy Dynamics in Conflict Transformation this coming week. I’ve had a few hard copies printed but the best version is for reading on an ipad – I decided on this after seeing my Kenyan colleagues using ipads. In this version, there are videos to watch and … Continue reading

Two gifts to share

I am very happy to have received two gifts today. 1. an English translation of a Basque poem (I am visiting San Sebastian to discuss conflict, communication and cognition) Embodied Experiment in the Stairway   2. a short url that links to the website Empathy Dynamics in Conflict Transformation http://www.open.ac.uk/edict This is (one of the … Continue reading

it’s arrived!

I have just taken delivery of our empathy manual! Full title: Empathy dynamics in conflict transformation: A manual. The outcome of much hard work and co-operation with Responding to Conflict, CWIN Nepal and the peace-building team of the Catholic Diocese of Maralal, Kenya. The plan is to make the Manual available as a free e-book … Continue reading

Entry points for empathy

Empathy is an ‘entering into’ the life world of another person, said the Russian scholar Mikhail Bakhtin. Sometimes that entering into is easy. If the other person is someone we know well or someone we love, we have many entry points into their world and multiple experiences that help us understand their feelings and emotions. … Continue reading

Empathy and creative writing workshop announced

During the June exhibition there will be several empathy-related events. Today I can announce the first of these – a creative writing workshop led by the brilliant Melissa Fu: Empathy and creativity: A multi-faceted relationship. During this workshop, we will explore facets of empathy by engaging with the exhibition, The Living Impulse.  Connections between creativity … Continue reading

Finding an exhibition title

From 5 -11 June I will be exhibiting paintings at 5th Base Gallery in London. The first announcement is here. There’s a lot of planning involved and one of the first things I had to do was find an image and a title. The image is a detail from a painting that shows the layering … Continue reading